about us

Nestled in Central Alberta we raised our family on an acreage with dogs, cats, horses and a large variety of small pets. It's because of my lifelong love of animals that it wasn't unusal to find babies of many different species on the property.

Our first famiy dogs were German Shepards and the kids appreciated having a large breed for security when they came home from school or in the evenings if we were out. Those dogs were all rescues except for one that we got as a puppy from a family friend. 

Time passes by quickly and before long the kids needed us less and I got that 'empty nest' feeling. Our current Shepherd was aging and I felt I had the time and dedication to offer a companion dog to pursue some of my own interests. In 2006 I finally fullfiled my dream to adopt a Havanese. Today our eight Havanese and the extended Hav families keep up busy and I can't imagine life without them.